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Outdoor Man Gift Guide

If he’d rather be fishing, he’d rather get one of these gifts

than that tie you were going to get him!

You may have survived the gift giving frenzy known as December, but there are already plenty of holidays planned in 2014. But Outdoor Man is here to help you find the perfect gift for your outdoor man.

1. Flannel-lined Work Gloves - $49.99

Outdoor Men don’t wear gloves often (it’s never that cold), but on those rare occasions when gloves are necessary, these are the best of the best. Strong deer leather — we pride ourselves on using the whole deer at Outdoor Man. Flannel-lined — even if people can’t see it, you’ll know it’s a manly lining, not something wimpy like fleece or cashmere. Covers the whole hand — fingers included, unlike those “gloves” the kids are wearing these days.

2. Surveillance Helicopter — $199.99

Sometimes we get a little too attached to our technology to enjoy the great outdoors. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Why leave behind the joy of knowing what your friends and family are doing at every moment of their lives just because you want to get a little fresh air? This stealth surveillance copter has a high definition camera so you can see if Little Suzie is actually LOL’ing at that cat video she just shared and a ten mile range so you’ll feel like a bird surveying the neighborhood and deciding who’s car to poop on.

3. Hatchet - $39.99

It’s a hatchet. Made from locally sourced iron and 100% recycled tree.

4. Waterproof Field Camera - $249.99

Nature is awesome. You might even get us to admit that it’s “pretty” (if we ever used that word). But nature can also be messy. So get your outdoor man the gift that keeps on giving. This camera is waterproof, drop-proof and all sorts of other outdoors-proof. He can use it to take pictures of nature and put them on the walls of your house. Because good art isn’t weird shapes that are supposed to make you feel things or people, real art is pictures of real stuff that actually do make you feel things.

5. Blaze Orange Fuzzy Dice - $19.99

Add a little whimsy to your outdoor man’s vehicle with these blaze orange fuzzy dice. Hunters won’t confuse his truck with a deer packing a V8 Hemi ever again. Also great for hunting trip craps games.

BONUS GIFT: “My Other Truck is a Truck” Bumper Sticker - $1.99

Make sure people know your giftee is the serious kind of Outdoor Man with this not-so-flashy bumper sticker. No puny car owners will see your truck and think, “That guy must have a sensible, compact sedan at home for when he doesn’t need the raw power of 350 horses.” Because you’re an Outdoor Man and you always need that power.

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