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Crafting With Kyle!



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    Oh, hi everyone! I didn’t see you standing there! Hah, get it? It’s funny because you’re reading
this. Sometimes I like to do what I call “bits.” Welcome to Crafts with Kyle where I show you guys how to make some totally sweet crafts and other projects out of Outdoor Man’s tragically underrated craft section.

    My first craft is a summer camp classic, and a personal favorite: The God’ s Eye. Now, if you’re like me, you’ll have a ton of Popsicle sticks around your house. If not, don’t worry since we carry them in store. However, you should probably revaluate your stance on Popsicles because they are the dessert that keeps giving; first they’re delicious, then they’re hilarious. The only other things you need to pick up from Outdoor Man are colorful balls of yarn because things are about to get whimsical.

    Step one: Take two sticks and secure them with the string so that they make a cross shape (Make sure you write down the jokes on the sticks on some Post-Its that you can take to work. Then, you can bust them out casually in the break room and seem like one cool cat).

    Step two: start wrapping that yarn diagonally around the midsection, alternating which side of the cross you wrap around, until your yarn makes an “X”

    Step three: wrap the string over and around each leg of the “plus.” Repeat until you can’t see the sticks, then tie a small knot with the string’s end to secure it. And that’s your basic God’s Eye! If you want to get more creative, you can stop wrapping when you’re bored of one color and tie another color of string to the end of the piece of yarn you’re currently working with. Then continue wrapping. And then, yay! You’ve got a fancier God’s Eye!

    They’re so easy to make that once you get the knack of it, you’ll be making them in your sleep. Literally. I’m a sleep crafter. Thanks for reading! Keep checking back for more awesome crafts from Outdoor Man. Who knows, maybe next week I’ll let you in on the secret patterns behind my thriving lanyard business.

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