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The 10 Worst Fishing Poles On The Market Today



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You won’t find any of these poles here at Outdoor Man, but we felt it was our duty to warn the masses about these sub-par fishing sticks before someone accidentally felt their wrath. Be sure to steer clear from the following poles…

10: The ‘Rod’ Stewart – Have I told you lately how terrible this fishing pole is? Claimed to be the “rock star” of the fishing world, the only thing this rod is good for is fishing for conversation topics about washed up 80s pop stars.

9: Carp-e Diem – If you want to “seize the fish” you better “seize a different pole.”

8: The North Pole – Designed for ice fishing in the arctic, The North Pole fails on every level. Santa was actually seen refusing delivery. True story.

7: Fly Me to the Lagoon – With an eye on the fly fisherman in your family, stay away from this pole. You’ll more likely attract unwanted criticism than you will fish.

6: The Twist and Trout – Designed to keep fish writhing on the line, unfortunately, the line usually breaks faster than your Uncle Mort attempting the actual twist and shout. Needless to say, a shoddy fishing pole.

5: The Pole in One – They’re tagline is, “Bet you can’t just catch one.”  If you’ll notice, there is not definitive suggestion that you’ll catch anything at all. Why? Because you won’t. Again, this pole stinks.

4: The Lure Thing – Anything but. The only thing you’ll be luring is mockery toward your sub-par fishing equipment.

3: Bait’s Motel – Fish check in, and then they immediately check out, because this terrible fishing pole can’t keep ‘em on the line.

2: Phishing Poles – For whatever reason, the band Phish has decided to get into the fishing game. These poles are actually a lot like the band Phish – you can stand around for hours at a time waiting for the horrible experience to end.

And the worst fishing pole on the market today:

1: Hooked on a Reeling – Great pun, terrible product.