Trekman Tacky Tackle


#2 seller in Fishing

  1. Six utility boxes

  2. Easy-to-carry handle design

  3. Lifetime guarantee

Ever gone out for a day on the lake and realize you forgot that new hard bait lure set? Never again. The Tacky Tackle from Trekman

offers enough storage for up to five separate fishermen. Imagine one central location to fit all the lures, fishing line, and fillet knives that

normally just get thrown into a spare paper grocery bag. You can fit so much in here that you may never come back from the lake.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“The Tacky Tackle allows me to fish with my seven sons without

having to lug around eight tackle boxes.”

- Josh S., Weekend Fisherman, Weekday Cartographer

“Too much storage! I’d give it zero stars if possible.”

- Alex R., Unemployed and Crushing it

“I’m having a blast while fishing with this thing!”

- Maddie K., Student

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