Trekman Fish Spotter


#3 seller in Fishing

  1. A stunning 5” VGA display

  2. GPS tracking with live updates

  3. A microSD slot to save map images

We’d all love to spend an 8-hour day sitting on the lake, drinking our favorite carbonated beverage while those water breathers debate whether they’re hungry enough to go after that worm that just fell out

of the sky. But some of us have real lives.We know what you’re thinking -- “Wait a second, using a fish navigator sounds like cheating.” NO! It’s innovation. Just like the microwave, the Fish Spotter helps us get what we want, faster.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

The best fish navigator I’ve ever used! And I’m a professional fisherman!

- Charles F., Professional Fisherman

“I’ve never been much of a fisher, but now I can feed my whole family!!!”

- Tina A., IT Consultant


- Maddie K., Student

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