Barebonz Reel Spin


#1 seller in Fishing

  1. Anti-rust bearings

  2. Compact body design

  3. Available in blue, red, or turquoise

Going out for Big Nessie? Then this is the reel you want to use. The Barebonz Reel Spin’s compact body design is the trick no fish sees

coming. With improved ergonomics and enhanced weight distribution this reel gives the extra pull needed to nab that trophy winning big

boy. Equipped with anti-rust bearings to make sure this worthy investment lasts.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“I owe my past three tournament trophies to this reel.”

- Todd W., Pay Phone Change Collector

“I can’t believe how smooth this thing is. Why don’t you own one yet?!” -

Jorma N., Milliner

“Fishing has never made me feel this way!”

- Maddie K., Student

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