West Oblique Peak Performance Zip Jacket


#2 seller in Clothing

  1. 100% polar fleece

  2. Comes in blue, cerulean, ocean and cobalt

  3. Highly inflammable.

Stay warm no matter the weather in West Oblique’s time tested Peak Performance Fleece Zip Jacket. This is by far our most popular item at the store. Imagine our excitement when they updated the classic with a wide array of unique, fun colors! Perfect for hiking up Pike’s Peak, skiing in Estes Park or braving the Safeway’s frozen food aisle.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“The only reason I recycle is because I support the polar fleece industry. You don’t own me, Al Gore.”

- George B., Painter

“I like it because it has pockets and I get uncomfortable in social situations when I’m wearing clothing without pockets.”

- Ted C., Professional Whistler

“This jacket is totally cute. But I couldn’t buy one because Ashley Miller had it and anytime you buy something that Ashley Miller owns, she comes up to you during lunch period and asks you why you haven’t learned to dress yourself. But she owns the classic blue and I bought the totally different cobalt color, which actually compliments my eyes better anyway.”

- Milton A., Student

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