Harrier Dark Olive Waders


#3 seller in Clothing

  1. 100% Neoprene

  2. Figure flattering

  3. Dry clean only

Harrier’s Waders are the  brand of waders to trust when you’re looking to buy a pair. Their world famous lifetime warranty with “no questions asked” has earned them a loyal following and several memorable viral videos. Keeps you dry and stable so you can focus all your energy on setting up that perfect cast.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“The price is a bit steep, but not as steep as the water I go fishing in so it works out. Get it?! Oh wait, no, I meant ‘deep.’”

- Alison A., Grocery Store Clerk

“These waders fit tight in all the right places, and loosen up in all the not-so-right places. I rarely wear anything else.”

- Tobias B., Mime

“I love playing Full Metal Jacket in the creek out back, but I hate getting my pants wet! Thank goodness for Harrier’s Olive Waders!”

- Will B., Whittler

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