Vanishing Monkey One Hundred and Twenty Seven Liters Daypack


#3 seller in Camping

  1. Our biggest daypack yet -- 127 liter capacity

  2. Lightweight aluminum X-frame with O-rings, Q-ties and S-clasps

  3. 27 compartments, never lose your supplies

Don’t worry about being stranded for 127 hours again with our One Hundred Twenty Seven Liters daypack -- our largest pack ever.  Enough space to store everything you’ll need if you find yourself on a hike, away for a long weekend or even a stranded on a deserted island.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“I wish I had this on my last hike.”

- Aron R., Cobbler

“Too many compartments!  I can’t find anything!  Why is the lipstick compartment different from the lip balm compartment?”

- Melissa R., Money Launderer

“Liars!  I packed everything I needed for a long weekend and it was only half full!”

- Scott L., Sophisticated Businessman

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