Trekman Goldilocks “Too Comfy” Sleeping Bag


#2 seller in Camping

  1. Synthetic fibers -- softer, warmer and less prone to bio-degrading.

  2. Available in charcoal/slate/gold or dark gray/light gray/yellow color scheme

  3. Classic zipper closure.

Is your sleeping bag too hot?  Is your sleeping bag too cold?  Never again with the Goldilocks “Too Comfy” sleeping bag.  Fashioned from our most advanced synthetic fibers and through the wonders of science this bag has been engineered to keep in heat on cold nights and draw heat away from you on hot nights.  The only bag that’s just right for every camping trip.

Outdoor Man Customer Reviews

“...‘Too Comfy’ might be an overstatement...”

- Julie N., Thermostat Repairwoman

“Very warm, but has a distinct synthetic smell that I do not care for.”

- Juan C., Brewmaster

“Science!  Keeps you warm and keeps you cool?  What?  Amazing!”

- Coleen W., Concert Fluter

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